Comparing yourself to others? Some bird poop will help…

DSC06270My son rolled over yesterday. He’s six days old. Granted it was probably an accident, it was still pretty cool to watch him do it two times in a row. Then I immediately grabbed my daughter’s baby book to see when she rolled over for the first time. She accomplished this feat at 1 1/2 months.

Then it dawned on me. My son is only 6 days old and I’m already comparing him to his sister.

It is something we face all our lives. Being compared to others or comparing yourself to others. My friend (who has a beautiful blog here)ย and I were talking about this a couple of years ago and she said something that was very true about comparison.

Whenever you compare, it never ends up good. Either you think you’re better than the other person. Which isn’t good. Or you think you’re not as good as the other person. Which also isn’t good.

When my husband and I wereย taking Danish classes, there was a beautiful Spanish woman in my class. Our teacher would often have my husband partner up with another classmate because it’s good to be able to talk to others with different types of accents. One day he got paired up with the Spanish “goddess”.


That was a difficult hour for me to not compare myself to her. I actually managed though! After class, a bunch of us decided to have a picnic at the park since it was a nice day. The Spanish “goddess” showed up with her friend. They had designer clothes, perfect bodies and flawless hair. I sat there thinking to myself: “Don’t compare. Don’t compare. Don’t compare.” But finally I caved.

“I could have nice clothes like that but I’m being more spiritual.”

“I should workout a little more, maybe I could look like that.”

“Ok, what exactly is she eating? Oh, nothing. Huh.”

After a few minutes of these endless comparisons I felt something wet plop into my hair. We were sitting close to trees. I felt my hair and looked at the evidence in my hand.

Bird poop.


So now, not only am I the frumpy, fat and ugly woman (this was of course my conclusion after my match-up sesh), I’m also the one with bird poop in her hair.

Fortunately no one saw. I threw my hair up to cover the feces and went home in disgust. Perhaps it was a sign from God to give it up. Who knows. All I know is I spent the rest of the week looking at this scripture. I revisit it from time to time. In Galatians 6:3-5 it says::

If anyone thinks they are something when they are not, they deceive themselves. Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else, ….

So when I fall into the comparison game, this scripture, along with a little bird poop helps snap me back into reality. The reality that God created each of us special and unique.


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