He walked faithfully with God


Have you ever wondered what it means literally to walk with God? It’s a question that has come up a couple of times this past week. I realize I could probably spend months on this subject but I was already encouraged by the short study I did on the train today.

The first scripture that jumped to mind was in Genesis 5:24 concerning Enoch. It says he walked faithfully with God; then he was no more; because God took him away.

A. I would love to just accomplish the first part of this scripture and walk faithfully. Sometimes I feel like I’m my 2 year-old daughter when I “walk” with God. Ya, sometimes I’m eager to walk with Him. It’s an adventure like riding in a power wheels Cadillac! Other times I get distracted by shiny objects and run off. And then when He calls me back, I throw myself on the ground, kicking and screaming. Or I walk obediently when I know I need his help. What if I finally got it into my head that I need Him all the time?

B. “Then he was no more because God took him away”. Escape the experience of death? Where’s the sign-up sheet for that? Somehow I missed that at my baptism.

So then what does it mean? To scratch the surface, here are a few qualities someone must have to “walk with God.”

1. Humility
We have to get into agreement with God. Amos 3:3 makes a great point that two people can’t walk together unless they are in agreement. Most mornings, I wake up, perhaps go for a run, have some time with God, have breakfast with my family and then immediately my daughter wants to go to the park. In her mind, the park is out the front door and across the street. But sometimes I intend to take her to a bigger park in another part of the city which requires her stroller. The moment she realizes I’m taking her out the back door to get the stroller, she starts whining. Sometimes she goes, complaining the whole way. Other times she protests and I have to carry her to her stroller. But we’re only in “agreement” at this point because I’m bigger than she is. God allows us to make our own decision about which way we want to go. However, if live by His word and make his glory our goal, we will in turn be in agreement and walk with God.

2. A focus on heaven
It seems that Enoch walked with God as if he was already in heaven. Have you ever been super mad about something and then a month later, be able to laugh about it? What happened? Your perspective changed. When we have heaven in mind, it changes our perspective. I wrote an entry about heaven, it’s good to think about heaven often!

3. Faith and trust in God
It is thought that Enoch didn’t start to walk with God until he was about 65 years old. But he walked with God faithfully for 300 years once he started. That’s a loooooong time to be in agreement with somebody. And what’s God’s main goal? To save people. So I imagine Enoch must have been busy working for God: 1 Sam 2:30, 35. God is so focused to get people to heaven to be with Him. But He also includes us on that mission and it’s an enjoyable journey: Psalm 104:33.

3. Desiring God above anything else
Communion with God was better than life itself. Paul states it so eloquently in Phil 1:21: For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.


We need to know God’s word. That takes digging, asking questions, and meditating on God’s character. If you get stuck, ask someone to help you with it. And when you find a truth, do something to think about that truth throughout the day. Flash cards work great, memorization, notes on the bathroom mirror, whatever helps you!

Get in agreement with God. This one is trickier. What if I don’t want to? Pray about it. Be honest! God already knows how you feel so talk it through with Him. If you are a Christian, is there anything you need to get “into agreement” with Him? Anything you have been “throwing a temper-tantrum about”? Do you trust God and have faith in His way? If you aren’t a Christian, study the bible to get right with God. Are you completely happy with your life? If not, why not give God a try?!

Lastly, get busy helping others to know God. He is desperate for us to know His love and the more we see that in his character, the more we recognize how great He is! Meditate on heaven often to help have the right perspective and motivation. I would be a hot mess without God, and I’m confident so many people desire to be close to the creator of the universe, but don’t know how.

I’m not done exploring this topic and perhaps some of my opinions will change over time, but I’m inspired by Enoch and his heart for God.

Nora at the infamous park. We could be there all day and all night!


One thought on “He walked faithfully with God

  1. Love it. I just listened to a sermon on Enoch. And I have been contemplating what Psalm 91:1 means when it talks about dwelling in the secret place of the Most High. (or shelter in other translations)

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