Convicted of your calling…

View from our apartment in Stockholm.
View from our apartment in Stockholm.

It has been a whirlwind couple of months. We visited family in the states for Christmas, enjoyed New Years with our church in Denmark and moved to Stockholm in February. We are getting more training in Stockholm with the primary focus to build our faith. In the process, we have visited our co-workers of the Nordics in Oslo,Norway and moved into a new apartment in Vasastan. I definitely feel God’s hand in all of this, as he has worked out the details better than I could have imagined. 

My husband and I have been called to lead a church in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s a call I don’t take lightly, and in fact, doubt my ability. But I know the consequence of this. I put all the faith and focus on myself and my abilities. So as I attempt to make those thoughts obedient to Christ, I have been encouraged by a class I heard in February concerning this very matter. 

How does God call people? In the old testament, we assume he called people by voice. But now it looks more the callings of the Apostles in the New Testament. For example: Acts 16:1-5. It just says Paul wanted Timothy along for his calling. And why not? Timothy had a good spiritual reputation among the people. The test of sacrifice for the mission was immediate; personal and painful sacrifice to relate to the needs of the people they would minister to. 

A park close to our current apartment.

What calling has God given you? You can be sure you are in the place you are for a reason. Make the most of it.


P.S. the first picture shows my almost guilt-free cookies if I hadn’t eaten 4 of them 🙂 Made with approximate amounts:
1 mashed banana
1 egg
1 cup/deciliter oats
25g (1/8 cup) chocolate chips

Baked at 350f (175c) for 10 minutes.

Inspired by my daughter who wakes up in the morning with the first word out of her mouth being: “Ga-Gee!” Translated: Cookie!


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