Not too long ago I read the book, “Fearless” by Max Lucado. It was amazing and disheartening all at the same time. Amazing because it was super helpful and practical. Disheartening because I didn’t realize all the things I’m afraid of!

When making decisions, I realized that often times I base my decision out of fear. I definitely don’t want to live like that! And really, it would mean missing out on many opportunities because fear is paralyzing.

One of my favorite parts of the books was “The 8 worry stoppers”. It spells out the word “Peaceful.” Easy to remember, not so easy to make myself do them.

Can I tell you a secret?
Sometimes I actually like to stay in the state of worry.


I will never know. But I’m making the conscience decision to take captive my thoughts. It takes a lot of energy but the more I do it the easier it becomes.

This is actually one reason I started blogging. If I need to come up with new content, then it keeps my mind occupied with positive thoughts versus negative. It would be great if many people read my blog and really benefited. But it really is something for myself (there, I admit it).

The 8 worry stoppers (from the book Fearless by Max Lucado)

Pray first: 1 Peter 5:7

Easy, now: Psalm 46:10

Act on it: What can you do now, devise a plan.

Compile a worry list: Then review it and see how many become reality.

Evaluate your worry categories: Is there a theme?

Focus on today: Hebrews 4:16

Unleash a worry army: Share your feelings and ask for prayer.

Let God be enough: Matthew 6:33-34

I would love to hear how you battle fear!


2 thoughts on “Fearless

  1. I know for many years I made decisions based on what would be most comfortable or convenient, not on what God’s will or dream for my life was. I still struggle with it, but am trying to be faithful with what God gives me, trying not to hold on to my comfort simply for comfort’s sake.

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