The Ingredient of Time – Spiritual Mother’s Group Part 2

Nora crawling around Catherine's Palace
Nora crawling around in Catherine’s Palace


All of the following thoughts have been used for our Spiritual Mother’s Group and is taken directly from the book: Raising Great Kids by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.

In the last “Spiritual Mother’s Group” post I talked about the idea that children need both grace and truth in order to develop good character. Grace and truth could be given in an instant, but for children to grow, parents must give these two ingredients over and over again. Children are growing every moment and we need to be sure growth is happening in the right direction. Therefore, quantity of time is much more important than quality of time. We have to be ever present with all of the experiences our children internalize from the outside world.

Read the following scripture:

Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything,  and a season for every activity under the heavens:

What is the current “season” for your child? Or what is your child currently learning?


Infancy: Trust, dependency, attachment, physiological regulation (sleeping, eating patterns, physical growth), emerging orienting behaviors towards attachment figure, learning to be soothed by external comforting.

Later infancy and toddlerhood: Increasing physical development with corresponding interaction with the environment, increasing mobility beginning with crawling and eventually walking, increasing exploration of the world around them as curiosity increases, beginning to use and understand language, learning to understand and respect limits, in toddlerhood- learning that open defiance is going to be futile, learning increasing independence and separateness, introduction to rules.

Early childhood years: New skills of play, talents and other abilities such as sports, art and music; new skills of relationships and social interactions; increasing intellectual development; learning to obey rules and outside authority; moral and spiritual development; respecting other people and property;

Why do you think it is important, as mothers, to be aware of what “season” our child is going through?

In feeding, we can’t give our babies all the milk they need for the day in one sitting. It’s the same with the learning process. “Character development requires experience. You cannot tell a child how to do something and instantly expect him to do it correctly. You must walk him through the process, help him when he fails, and aid him in making normal failure a learning experience that becomes part of his character.”

What is the current “season” for you as a mother?

By making the most out of every opportunity, lets help our babies with what “season” they are in.


2 thoughts on “The Ingredient of Time – Spiritual Mother’s Group Part 2

  1. Sounds like a good book! It’s important to know what season your child is in because that affects how you spend your time with them, how you interact with them, etc – all the time. It gets interesting when you have kids in different seasons in the same household…

    1. It helps me not to get frustrated as well! When I understand the “time” then it helps me to have patience. Also to give her lots of time and patience!

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