Stay Out Of The Boat

Am I really going to talk about heaven again?!?!?

Yes. I am.

From my previous post I talked about five things I wanted to remember while living in Copenhagen. Five things imprinted on my brain and heart so if ever I wanted to turn back, these five things would help me gain perspective.

In Matthew 14:22-36 it talks about Peter stepping out of the boat. I like Peter because he’s a risk taker. But I like him even more because he’s a “human” risk taker. He messes things up and then Jesus dusts him off and gets him doing great things again. I can relate to messing things up and praying it can still be used to glorify God in the long run.

Peter steps out of the boat and the only thing keeping him on the water is his focus on Jesus.

My favorite idea of Jesus is this scripture in Mark 16:19:

Then after speaking to them, the Lord Jesus was taken up into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God.

Jesus. In heaven.

That is the second thing I am trying to cling to in this crazy world. I’m following Jesus who did remarkable things on this earth and is now in heaven.

Speaking of heaven, I recently went to The Yogurt Shop in Copenhagen. It was SO good and a nice change from coffee shops. My favorite yogurt right now is Skyr, which is actually a cheese. It taste like natural yogurt but with way more protein. And when you add all the fun stuff on top, you would never know you were eating healthy!

Here’s some pictures and the link:
The Yogurt Shop




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