Deepening your prayer life


This is a picture of my Thompson Chain NIV bible turned to the prayer section. Random picture, I know, but there is so much here! I started studying out prayer in hopes to help my stress level.

I worry. A lot.

So instead of making a goal to worry less, I decided to pray more. But I thought my goal would be to take it deeper instead of just praying more often. To “be” more instead of “doing” more.

I have started this study by reading every instance prayer is mentioned in the bible and reading it in context. I also read commentaries on the passages as well. I began in January and I’m not even half way done. If anyone has thoughts or suggestions of what’s helped you, I would love to hear.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts as the days go by.

To end, here is a picture I saw a couple of days ago in St. Petersburg. It’s called “The Prodigal Son” by Rembrandt.



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