Retreat from our lives


It’s always great to get away. Isn’t it? Even if we have great lives, the thought of a sandy beach, warm ocean water, comfy chair with an umbrella warms my soul.

However, these days I’ve realized if I can be renewed spiritually in these retreats, it’s even greater.

In Luke 9:28-36 we see Jesus retreating with a few of his disciples. They left inspired and not even sure they would share what they had seen during their time.

This past weekend, my family got to retreat to Ekerö Island. It was a great time with people from all over the Nordics and UK. We had meals together in a great restaurant, lessons by some energetic speakers and even a little sightseeing in the afternoons.ImageAt the end of the day- sauna by the water and a swim in the Baltic.

What was my take away?

I really wish I could say A LOT! But I was fighting being sick and taking care of my daughter. But God is faithful and I do have a few take aways.

Should I share? Hahaha… One I’ll share now. The other in different post.

My conclusion:

I complain too much.

No fireworks or sharks with lazers…. very simple character trait that ain’t so pretty.

In my heart, in my thoughts and therefore in my words. (For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. Matt 12:34b)

Now, would I strike most people as someone who complains a lot? Probably not to most people. But my heart and thoughts say something completely different and I’ve become pretty good at hiding it. But not all the time.

So one of my next adventures is to work on my heart and thoughts (advice is welcome on this!). However I am currently working on deepening my prayer life which I think will help in this area as well.

Why did I come to this conclusion?

From the few minutes of lessons I heard, this subject is what felt uncomfortable to listen to. And that, to me, is something I need to revisit.

I did, however, take away some great memories of forging new friendships and rekindling others. And, of course, spending some great time alone with God by a cold beach. (Take what you can get!)


2 thoughts on “Retreat from our lives

  1. I’m a complainer too. I grew up in a critical family. God has been working in my heart. My issue seems to be as soon as I take my eyes off of Jesus, and I start focusing on myself, then I’m critical of everything. It is so hard not to be critical! But on my good days when I can see God at work & can be grateful for the work he is doing, then I complain less.

    1. Great point! I have a problem with my thoughts which is actually one reason why I wanted to start a blog because it forces me to think about something that is positive!

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