As a groom rejoices over his bride…

Circumstances in my life led me to believe that God was pursuing a relationship with me. But for a long time I didn’t see the signs. It’s just like when my husband, Landon, was first interested in me, I didn’t even consider him as an option because I felt he was too good for me. We went on a date and had a great time. We laughed and shared stories and at the end of the date, we said goodbye and I figured I’d never hear from him again. But shortly after he wrote me an email, and then sent an SMS. Then he came and visited me with some of his friends and that’s when I started thinking, “maybe he likes me.”

It wasn’t until then that I really started considering Landon and falling in love with him. 

I think the same thing happened with God. I think he had been working in my life and trying to get my attention but I didn’t consider him an option. Until one day I realized I pursued so many things in my life that led me nowhere. I was completely unfulfilled and lonely. In the course of about six months I had to testify in court against someone who robbed a bank and I found out my boyfriend I had been dating for a year was married. Then because I testified, I had to move far away because it wasn’t safe for me to be in my hometown anymore. I moved and long story short, ended up homeless. That very day I met people who took me into their home and taught me about the bible and that God wanted to be the one to fill my heart. 

At that point I thought, “it can’t hurt to give God a try.” So I did and he turned out to be the greatest relationship I could ever have. I felt special and in Isaiah 62:5, it shows how God feels about all of us:

For as a young man marries a virgin,
So your sons will marry you;
And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride,
So your God will rejoice over you.


“I recommend marrying up. The only problem is that if someone marries up, the other marries down.” -Jay Kelly, Seattle Church of Christ

I got that quote from this lesson. Really great lesson about God… not just about marrying up!


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